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I’m glad you’ve stumbled upon my blog. There’s nothing fancy here, (except my dress) just delicious food that I make and take pictures of.

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5 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. I came across your food blog while meandering through TasteSpotting. After skipping over the zillionth kale, quinoa, and macaroon recipe, your stuffed escarole seemed so unique and intriguing.

    The more I scrolled through your blog, the more I liked it. I’m getting cranky in my old age, and it just annoys the hell out of me that I have to read through 2 pages of someone eulogizing their dead cat to get to the recipe. And “hubby” and “sis” testimonials do not convince me of the deliciousness of someone’s culinary offering. I mean seriously, how objective can people be who you’ve shared a bed with. Post a rave review from a woman who’s discovered you were sleeping with her husband, and now you’ve got my attention.

    I appreciate how your postings contain interesting and thoughtful information. Your Caprese salad recipe was the first time I have ever heard of buratta. I’m an old hand in the kitchen, so how this food item could have escaped my consciousness just befuddles me. So, thank you for that. And your “Three Ingredient Pork Chop” recipe, the distinction you make between celebrating the innate quality of a simple recipe and making something in a half-ass manner is an important one.

    I just wanted to say that I’m impressed with your recipes and postings and plan on following your blog.

  2. 25 Best Fish Markets…

    I am a huge fish lover. Unfortunately it has become almost impossible to find fresh or even frozen that is ‘local’. I live in Staten Island (imagine living on an island and unable to eat fresh fish) and in doing some research of how to find safe, local fish I stumbled upon your blog.

    I am impressed. I am a foodie and cooking is one of my most favorite things in the world.

    I am almost ready to start a movement on finding fresh, safe, wild caught in US waters, but that is just a pipe dream.

    We do not have a Whole Foods in Staten Island and I have looked at your 25 Best Food Markets. It would be impossible for me to buy at any of the 25 markets unless I carried a cooler with ice on public transportation from Staten Island.

    Aside from not having a place to find fresh fish, we do not have subways either.

    If by some chance you find a fresh fish market in Staten Island, please let me know.

    Love your Blog,

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