Pantry Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi – Death Star Cake

Dear Blog Readers, You may have been puzzled as to why I kept attempting to title posts as related to Star Wars films and to be honest, I really had no clue myself. However it all became clear to me when I was given a set of Star Wars cookie cutters for my birthday. Obviously […]

Pantry Wars: Episode V: The Empire Throws a Few Back

“That’s right R2, we’re headed for the Dagobah system” Well, actually, we’re headed to the 6th arrondissement in Paris: St Germain. However, instead of hanging out with Earnest, Jean-Paul and Simone at Les Deux Magots, we will be drinking an elderflower liquor that shares it name with the famed artsy district of Paris. St. Germain […]

Pantry Wars: Episode IV – A Niçoise Hope

Salad Niçoise is one of my favorite foods but whenever I order it in a cafe or restaurant, I’m always disappointed. Max London’s in Saratoga Springs makes a good one, but it’s not on their regular menu, so I’m totally out of luck. I like my Niçoise verrry salty, thus I head to my pantry […]

Pantry Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Cloves (Garlic that is)

In the second installment of Pantry Wars I’ve decided to unearth some cheese tortellini from the deep reaches of my freezer and make a deliciously garlicky soup. The tortellini has probably been in there since November, but it’s totally still good, wouldn’t want to waste it! Luckily, I always over shop and had some chicken […]

Still Life with Canned Goods

Once again I find myself with about a month left on my lease and thus it’s time to re-evaluate everything I own and attempt to discard half of it in the hopes that my move and my in life in general will be much simpler without so much stuff. This process is arduous and often […]

Biscuits for Your Outside Man: Music and Food in North Carolina

Back in May I was given the incredible opportunity to go down to North Carolina (and parts of South Carolina) to interview a few of the Piedmont blues legends on the Music Maker Recordings label. Music Maker have just released a compilation album made up of songs entirely about food: from greasy greens to chicken […]


Americans get a lot of things wrong: unnecessary wars in Communist or Taliban-controlled countries, regulating Wall St, healthcare, automobile production, etc. But clearly our worst offense as a nation is what we eat for breakfast. Cereal? WTF is that? Flimsy flakes of popped corn and rice with cold, unappetizing milk. No thanks. We do a […]

Pasta Niçoise

You may recall a previous post during my Pantry Wars phase about Salad Niçoise. It’s one of my absolute favorite things to order in a restaurant…and also one of my favorite meals to make at home. Sometimes, salad just isn’t enough….so I took all the Niçoise staples and mixed it with angel hair pasta. Truly a carb feast…but who […]