Vietnamese Summer Rolls with Peanut Sauce

Summer rolls only differ from spring rolls in that they are not deep fried. Though that might seem like an awful shame, the aim of this dish is not deep fried deliciousness, it’s light, fresh and crunchy rolls. I’ve been making these since they were served at my High School graduation party! I also took the time to do a  step-by-step tutorial of how to assemble the rolls. I’m sorry to say dear reader that I’m a lazy food blogger. And I as much as I would love to show you step-by-step instructions of everything I make…I’m often in a rush to eat it. But this time, I slowed it down a bit (while noshing on shrimp chips) and took pictures of every step to show you how to roll the perfect Vietnamese Summer Roll.  There are many variations of this, some restaurants use carrots, daikon and tofu or pork. I’m all about herbs and love the super flavor pack of basil, mint and cilantro together.

Vietnamese Summer Rolls

Makes 15 rolls

You will need:

For the rolls

15 rice paper wraps 

1 package rice vermicelli noodles

45 medium shrimp (each roll gets 3) – Frozen

1 bunch basil, leaves plucked

1 bunch mint, leaves plucked

1 bunch cilantro, leaves plucked

3 cups mung bean sprouts (found usually soaking in water near the lettuce)

1 cucumber (cut into little match sticks)

For the sauce 

3/4 cup Peanut Putter (creamy)

4 tbs Soy Sauce

2 tbs lime juice

3 tbs Sesame Oil

2 tbs Water (as needed to thin)

2 tbs Garlic Chili paste 

1 garlic clove, mashed

1 tbs agave nectar (or sugar if you must, but I’m so into agave these days)

1. Defrost your shrimp. In a medium pot, boil water and cook the rice noodles for about 2 minutes (they cook quickly).  In a shallow baking dish, soak each wrapper in almost hot water for about 30 seconds. It will be very soft and sticky, like saran wrap so work carefully. Transfer the wrapper to a damp wooden surface or a damp paper towel and lay flat.

2. Add the three shrimp in a line in the very center of the wrapper. Then add a small handful of noodles and about 10 bean sprouts on top.

3. The add about 3 leaves of each herb and 4 cucumber sticks.

4. With one hand, hold the ingredients and with the other, fold the bottom edge of the wrapper up and press down lightly, tracing the outline of the ingredients.

5. Fold each side in like you are making a burrito and then finally, fold the top down and tuck under.

6.  Store in a container in layers with a damp paper towel in between. Eat quickly as the wrapper will dry out.

7. To make the sauce whisk all the ingredients together in a large bowl. Add more water to thin it out a bit. OR more lime juice if you want something a bit more tart.

5 thoughts on “Vietnamese Summer Rolls with Peanut Sauce

  1. And I watched the younger Ally Jane whip up magnificent spring rolls for her High School graduation. And I have the art photo to prove it. Big yum. The Kitchen Princess was already on her way all those years ago…

  2. Here’s a cocktail sure to please. Hope it’s not too late for the contest. Linda’s new favorite.
    Take one part Plymouth Gin or Bombay Sapphire; one part
    St. Germaine; one part-or more to taste- fresh squeezed Meyer Lemon.
    Three ways to serve: Shake over ice and pour into a martini glass & garnish with a razor thin slice of meyer lemon; measure & pour over rocks; make it into a long “collins” drink by pouring over tall rocks,adding sparkling water to taste.

    Beware: This drink can be very addictive!
    Linda Pulaski

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