Three Ingredient Pork Chops

I have a lot of beef (pun intended) with “food personalities.” Yes I get it, there’s got to be an angle or a quirk or some none sense like that for an individual to land themselves a show on the food network. Most of the time it’s boring and limited. One of my biggest beefs is with Claire Robinson. I’m not going to do her the honor of posting her picture here, but she’s got fluffy brown hair (lots of it), big brown eyes, big teeth and an annoying voice. She can sort-of cook, I guess. Her angle is called “5-ingredient fix”  in which she attempts to reduce perfectly good dishes into a a meare 5-ingredients while cutting out most of the flavor for cheaper, uglier alternaties. Obviously ugly ingredients aren’t always bad (lobster, truffles, raw meat), but in this case, I mean ugly in the sense of that fight was “ugly” or those are “ugly” words. Just plain bad and offensive. Ugly ingredients are usually processed and often colorless. For example, cream cheese. Cream Cheese is a very ugly ingredient. Sure, on a lightly toasted everything bagel with nova salmon and capers it’s divine, but any time it’s snuck into a recipe I basically vomit all over the cookbook. Claire Robinson uses a lot of cream cheese.

That was a long ramble to get my point, apologies. My point is that this isn’t some gimmicky angle. This is just a pork chop cooked with 3 ingredients. Well, let’s say 6 if you count the pork chop, salt and pepper but who’s counting. It’s extremely simple. And it was a dish born out of laziness, often the best inspiration. Make sure you use “the good kind” of pork chop. I used the chops from Dickson’s Butcher in Chelsea Market cause I’m the mother f***** Kitchen Princess. But anything from your butcher or fancy grocery store will be fine. Use one chop per person (they are quite fatty). I know you’ve been dying to know what the three ingredients are, so I won’t rant about any more stupid food network personalities. They are garlic, olive oil and white wine. And here’s how, when used together, they make the most succulent, rich and flavorful pork chop this side of the mason-dixon line. 

Three Ingredient Pork Chops

Also known as Park Chops with a Garlic Wine Reduction

For 3 chops

You will need:

5 cloves of garlic – very finely chopped

2 Tbs olive oil

1 cup cheap white wine

3 fatty expensive pork chops

sea salt (the bigger pieces, the better)


1. Bring the chops to room temperature and chop your garlic. Coat the chops in salt and pepper, about a pinch on each side of both.

2. In a cast iron or metal pan (not non-stick) over medium heat, heat the chopped garlic in the olive oil until it starts to brown. Then, once it’s really going, add the pork chops but be careful not to disturb once they are in. You want to get a nice crust on each side. So, cook on each side for about three minutes. Some of the garlic should be looking pretty charred at this point.

3. Add a bit more oil the pan and cover to cook the chops all the way through. This should be another 3-5 minutes. Remove the chops and set aside, preferable in the oven on a very very low temp.

4. With the pan still on the fire, add the wine to deglaze. It should be bubbling, but if not keep cooking. Cook on medium-high heat for three minutes. Then turn the flame down to low and simmer for 5-10 minutes while the sauce thickens. Add more olive oil if it looks a bit watery. Drizzle the sauce over the chops and enjoy!

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