Brooklyn Brunch and Sunsets

Sorry, it’s been a while. A move really takes it out of you, but now I’m settled. The other day I was walking home from the subway and looked to left to find the most incredible sunset. I ran home, grabbed my roommates camera and headed to the roof. This is what I saw:

Okay, completely unrelated but I don’t have a photography blog, so my food blog will have to suffice. In terms of food, I’ve been cooking a lot in my L-shaped kitchen. This is what I made last Saturday for brunch. It’s basically a poached egg with potatoes. However, this mess of potatoes has a secret ingredient…it’s apple. That’s right…just potatoes, butter, onions, scallions, apple and a whole lot of butter.

2 thoughts on “Brooklyn Brunch and Sunsets

  1. Wow- What an incredible Sunset and an incredible Brunch. Can you make this brunch for early sunset dinner or is that cheating?

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