Pear Terrine

Pear Terrine Last year, around this time I became completely enamoured with a Pear Terrine in Martha Stewart Living. It was a stunning desert with multiple layers of paper thin pear slices, see for yourself here, but alas I did not have a mandolin, nor a charlotte mold as the recipe required. I attempted to recreate it by simply slicing the pears thin and arranging them in a circle in a roasting pan…that was an epic failure. So now a year later, with mandolin and bunt cake pan in hand (charlotte molds are really expensive) I attempted to make it again and found my own sweet version of success. My terrine only slightly resembled Martha’s, but I think it looks more interesting. The hard caramel top was the beautiful result of an accidental early caramel pouring. You can find the recipe through the link above, but seriously don’t even waste your time. Although it does look beautiful and tastes deliciously sweet, the process was very labor intensive and had so many steps I couldn’t keep them straight, even with the help of my dear housemate Allegra, it took hours. So, please just enjoy mine and go get yourself a pint of ice cream.

12 thoughts on “Pear Terrine

  1. Ha ha ha you are a funny “pearson.” Me thinks the challenge is on…..good luck to all the participants .
    It is a work of food art. Lovely. Thanks for sharing.

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